Our showgirl troupe is lovingly assembled, not only for their immaculate dance skills but also their ability to charm with their intimate meet-and-greets. Accent your event with lavish costumery, graceful choreography and enchanting photo opportunities that will keep your guests talking for years to come.

C’est Magnifique

Oo La La! C’est magnifique! Bring a touch of Parisian showgirl glamour to your event in radiant magenta & silver. Our artists make a lasting impression in these exotic costumes pieces: whether in elegant dance shoes or when meeting your guests.

Blue Diamonds

A glorious vision in midnight, our showgirls bring Vegas elegance to life in these Blue Deco Moon costumes. Let these beauties add an enchanting and memorable edge to your event in glittering stones and mammoth feather head-pieces.

Powder Puff Girls

Delightfully indulgent in its femininity, watch our beautiful showgirls perform a hide-and-reveal behind cartoonish feather headdresses and oversized powder puffs. This unapologetically pink symphony makes a great addition to an event.

Gatsby Party

Exploding onto your event with all the dynamism of the roaring 20s, our troupe of showgirls shimmy, shake and Charleston in true Gatsby fashion. Our mischievous flappers in glorious crystal fringe and ostrich feather fans will bring a flavour of the wild, prohibition era speakeasy to your eventspace.

Pink Marilyn

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but our showgirls can be yours. Dressed in lush pink satin, our ode to Marilyn Monroe’s iconic number in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” is delivered with a contemporary twist. Be enchanted as our troupe vamp, glide and kick in perfect unison to bring a flavour of Hollywood bombshell to your stage.

Le French Can-Can

Originating in the music halls of Paris where energetic dancers would kick the hats off their drunken patrons and mesmerised their audiences with all manner of turns, flips and splits: the French Can-Can is considered one of the most iconic dances around. The dance is still truly breathtaking to witness live. Our trained showgirls will whip your audience into a flurry in homage to the high-kicking chorus dancers of the past.

Sublime Circus Show

Roll up! Roll up! And welcome to Circus Sublime! All the fun of the fair, Circus Sublime includes a versatile selection of gorgeous circus-inspired pieces, from befeathered ringleader, tattooed ladies, Perriot clowns and vintage-inspired acrobats. Get your popcorn at the ready! Welcome to the greatest show on Earth!

Putting On the Ritz

There’s no business like showbusiness! Our showgirls pay homage to the golden age of Broadway: starting in traditional top-hat, tails and cane before slinking through a musical medley of jazz-influenced favourites. Putting On the Ritz is Old Hollywood-meets-musical theatre at its finest, with our trademark Showgirl Entertainments styling.

Crazy Girls

Inspired by the world-famous Crazy Horse Revue in Paris, our gorgeous showgirl troupe adorn bubble-gum bob-wigs and figure-hugging body harnesses for this sensual homage. Edgy, immaculately choreographed, and contemporary; Crazy Girls brings traditional showgirl glamour smack-bang into the 21st Century in a very sexy fashion.

Christmas Belles

Have yourself a merry little Christmas and let Showgirl Entertainments bring in the festive season with this luxurious number. Influenced by Irving Berlin’s seasonal classic, “White Christmas”, our troupe are a yule-tide vision in red velvet and white furs. An absolute must-have addition to your wholesome December eventscape.

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